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With leading-edge technology, progressive treatment, and a comprehensive, cost-effective adult cardiac program, our team of physicians and friendly staff look forward to working with you on all your cardiac needs.

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Peripheral Vascular Disease
Shirish (Shaun) T. Patel, MD, FACC

Rishi K. Patel, M.D.

Shaun Patel, M.D. and Rishi K. Patel, M.D. are committed to the detection and treatment of peripheral vascular disease as well as coronary artery disease. Through our highly specialized treatments for these disorders, patients are experiencing relief from blockages in their legs, carotid arteries, and kidneys. PVD refers to the narrowing or clogging of the arteries in your limbs. Symptoms include pain, numbing. and eventually tissue death in your limbs, if not treated ... more

Dr. - Patient Relationships
Alon A. Steinberg, MD, FACC

Alon A. Steinberg, M.D.

Click here to watch Dr. Steinberg's talk about the pros and cons of Dr. - Patient relationships.


Jonathan W. Dukes, M.D.

Cardiology Associates Medical Group welcomes Dr. Dukes, who has now begun seeing arrhythmia patients in our Ventura and Oxnard offices. He specializes in A-Fib, A-Flutter, SVT and VT ablations as well as permanent pacemaker, defibrillator, and biventricular devices. other services include cardiac rhythm evaluation and management including holter monitor, and implantable monitor.

Getting Healthy

presented by the American College of Cardiology

CardioSmart is an interactive online resource for heart disease, exercise, and diet. They have a texting program that sends text messages on heart disease prevention tips or if someone wants to quit smoking, etc. There are also tips for caregivers.

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